Fafinvest-civ | Comércio Internacional de Vestuário, Lda
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Our company

Our history

Fafinvest has grown steadily investing in the most modern technologies and constant training of our team in order to increase our competitiveness.

Fafinvest DNA

Clothing manufacturing is our core business. We intend to continuously satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. These challenges are part of our DNA.

Our team

The products that we develop pass the whole team, from design to expedition. We all have a goal; dedication to our customers.


Founded in 2002, Fafinvest has been growing steadily, investing in modern technologies and constant training of our working team. Committed to improve the competitive position in the sector in which we operate. We defined as strategic priority, always to ensure the quality of our products as well the fulfillment of deadlines, and the satisfaction of our customers.


As a priority in our process of sustained growth, we have implemented standard quality systems policies. Recently acquired ISO 9001: 2015, that focuses on the certification of the whole process. And GOTS/ OCS certification, which attests to the ecological and social responsibility of the products we manufacture.


The success of our services are a reflection of the synergies developed with our customer’s, aiming to satisfy their requests regardless the difficulty, philosophy or style intended. Our design department develops proposals hand in hand with our customers, according to the most recent trends. In order to the final result be sophisticated, functional and correspond all goals.


We use the most varied of raw materials and the most diverse compositions. The company has a good production capacity, and it is possible to expand this capacity quickly through our network of partners, and so deliver any type of orders.


We intend to continuously fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers by providing high quality products with innovative design. We are committed to create quality employment, contributing to the growth of our employees, both professionally and at a human level. Consolidate and promote the growth of the company as well as all the services provided.

Quality policy

Fafinvest, has established a guiding policy in its relationship with all stakeholders, which is globally marked by a proactive management and operating behavior. In this way, we set our management model in the following orientations / intentions:
1. Promote the satisfaction of our customers; Exceeding your expectations regarding compliance with the agreed requirements regarding products / services, deadlines, legal requirements and the excellence of services provided, enhancing an image of innovation and perfection.
2. Promote motivation and proactivity in the relationship with employees; Promoting a motivating work climate, valuing good performances and encouraging the involvement and acquisition of new skills.

3. Cultivate a culture of internal control and continuous improvement; Privileging the proactive relationship with suppliers, who become partners in responding to customer requirements and organizational approaches, fostering strong relationships of common benefit.
4. Promote the balance between sustainability and product quality; Consolidate the sustainability of the organization by monitoring and monitoring the respective operational performance, namely through a strict control of costs of the products / services and structure affecting the activity in order to enhance the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and its market requirements.




Rua do Pinheiro Manso Lugar do Lameiro
Apartado 90 – Golães
4824-909 Fafe


41.460605, -8.209744


(+351) 253 490 100